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All images are available as fine art prints. Each print is individually made with high precision and archival quality media. Watermark is not present on prints.

Ordering Process

You can purchase a print by contacting me at . Pricing for various printing sizes and media is as follows. 

Prints only

8" x 10" print only $40

8" x 12" print only $40

11" x 14" print only $50

12" x 18" print only $50

16" x 20" print only $60

16" x 24" print only $80

20" x 30" print only $100

I can do other sized prints for most of the images. Contact me for more details on recommended media and print sizes for a specific image.

Framed prints

I will select frame and matting color and style which I think will work best for a specific image. You can make a specific framing request if you have any.

11" x 14" wooden frame with 8" x 10" print $130

16" x 20" wooden frame with 11" x 14" print $150

20" x 24" Wooden frame with 16" x 20" print $200

Metal prints

11" x 14" metal print $150

16" x 20" metal print $170

16" x 24" metal print $180

Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality of my prints. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the print, I am more than willing to replace the prints. 

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